"But words are things, and a small drop of ink, falling, like dew, upon 
a thought, produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think." 
Lord Byron

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 Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Being a Girl Scout Leader
 Every 100 Girls  
 Girl Scout Words of Thanks, Appreciation, and Inspiration   Poems, Sayings and Stories
 Juliette Low Wide Game, Action Stories & Mad Libs
 Girl Scout Right Left Story Game
 Juliette Low and Swap Meet Right Left Stories
 Juliette Low Story Simplified
 The Brownie Story with actions
 The Brownie Story Poem 
 Brownies and Other Tales (.pdf - 84 pg)
 Girl Scout Stories Index
 Girl Scout Humor 
 Humorous Girl Scout Terms  
 Dad's Dating Rules for Girl Scout Daughters  
 12 Days of Camping Poem/Song
 Green Angel Poems and Epic  
 Green Knight Poem
 Ode to the Childless Leader
 The Little Green Hen, Fable for Parents
 A Penny and the Girl Scout Story
 Stories for Girl Scouts  
 Audience Participation MacScouter  
 Path of Girl Scouting Poem
 'Twas the Night Before My Troop Meeting 
 Tell A Story - Guide to Story Telling  
 Story Telling Tips 
 Wenzel Story Telling Tips
 Storytelling Power
 Top 10 Tips on Storytelling and Making an Impact
 Campfire Stories - Ultimate Camp Resource
 Campfire Inspirations
Girl Scout Garden
 Recipe for a Girl Scout Troop 
 Colors and Diversity Stories
 Girl Scout Poems  
 More Girl Scout Poems
 GS Humor and Poetry 
 Poem for Bridging to Juniors
 Inspirational Poems
 Complete Classics Database of Poems 
 The Rhyme Zone
 The Star Thrower or Starfish Parable
 The Starfish Story
 Meet Tajar
 Tajar Tales
 Tajar Tales Online Book
 Tajar Tales Picture
 Friendship Poems
 More Friendship Poems  
 Amer. Poet Friendship Poems 
 A Little Girl's Heart 
 Bridging Poem  
 Inspirational Girl Scout Poems 
 Giggle Patch - Funny Girl Scout Stories  
 Baldo Girl Scout  Comic 8/27/06  
 Grimmy Girl Scout Cartoon 6/13/04  
 57 Uses for a Bandana Poem
 Robyn's Cyber Station Girl Scout Poetry  
 Guidezone Poems  
 Graduation Poems
 Giggle Poetry
 dMarie Poem Search by Phrase or Author
 The Story of Running Deer - Audience Participation
 The Wolves Within
 Story Bin Philosophical Stories
 Story Bin Words to Live by
 Story Bin Attitude Adjustment Stories
 The Woman in the Glass
 Girl Scout Horse Sense
 Prayer for World Peace in many languages
 Peace Day Story in Many Languages
Warm Fuzzy Tale in 7 Languages 
 Ghost Stories for Scouts 
 Campfire Ghost Stories 
 Moonlit Road Southern Ghost Stories
 American Folklore Scary Ghost Stories
 HIH Ghost Stories
 Ghost Hunt Audience Participation Story
 Miserly Man Named Brown  
 Poor Joe Scary Story
 Scoutorama Poor Joe
 The Moonlit Road - Southern Ghost Stories
 The Crayon Box that Talked - Diversity poem with craft 
 Aesop's Fables  
 Knock Knock Jokes
 Halloween Wright Family Story 
 Christmas Stories/Games for "Right" & "Left"
 Christmas Right Left Story Game
 Chanukah Right Left Story
 Wright Family Christmas Eve to Remember  
 Holiday Gift Exchange Stories  
 Christmas Stories  
 Holiday Trivia and Facts
Dragnet Recruitment Rally Skit
Cookie Sale Skits
The Story of Juliette Low   
Story of Juliette Low Skits
 Juliette Low Action Story (.pdf)
 Thinking Day Audience Participation Skit
 Parent -Trainer Skit
 The Girl Scout Law Skit  
 Guidezone Skits 
 Skits Galore
 Camp Skits - Ulitmate Camp Resource 
 Scoutorama Skits
 Short and Simple Skits for Actors or Puppets
 Campfire Stunts  
 Campfire Skit
 Banana Bandana Skit 
 Sponge Butt Prank Skit 
 Stunts and Skits 
 Skits and Plays
 Boy Scout Skits - Not just for boys!
 Ye Olde Catalogue of Boy Scout Skits - Not just for boys!
 Songs, Skits and Yells 
 Skits, Yells and Creative Campfires
 Audience Participation Stories
 Puppetry Home Page
 Puppet Scripts
 More Puppet Scripts
 Free Play Scripts
 Drama - Plays and Scripts
 International Day of Peace Play
 Reader's Theatre Editions Short International Plays
 Plays for Kids to Do
 Teaching Drama
 MacScouter Skits for Scouts - Boy Scout oriented, but useful for all scouts
 Australian Campfire Skits


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